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Wow, all I’ve heard in the past week is Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter for several months now and am finding it a great marketing tool for my business. Tap on the image to the left to follow me!

What’s Twitter you ask? It’s a microblogging platform, meaning you can “instant message” only 140 characters. It’s one more tool where you can engage others in a conversation. It’s also great for learning about new trends and breaking news. I’m encouraging you to look at Twitter as a marketing tool for your business.

Let’s start at the beginning. It’s easy to set up your account. You’ll need to decide what name you’ll use on Twitter. I have a couple of Twitter accounts, DebraSimpson, Magicinblogging and NorthSanDiego. Try to secure your own name, if possible, even if you don’t use it to tweet with.

Once you establish your account start to look for our Twitter badges on our sites, or search for your immediate sphere of influence. Twitter will also take you through a search process to find people you already know on Twitter.

As you start to follow people, you’ll notice people starting to follow you too. Now you need to develop your Tweet Strategy. You may want to lurk a little bit, in the beginning. I did. After you see how it works, jump in and participate. You may want to share tips, you may want to share resources and you’ll want to engage in conversation.

So what would you start with? How about “hello?” In short order you’ll find out if Twitter is a cool tool to use, or not. I can tell you, I have found clients on Twitter. It has been beneficial to my business.

If you want to learn more about Twitter and how to use it for your business, visit my webinar schedule and sign up for my Twitter webinar where I’ll share with you tips and secret resources for Tweeting efficiently.

And, if you are already tweeting, post a comment letting me know how you use Twitter and what your Twitter name is, so I can follow you!

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Debra Simpson began her career in publishing in 1990 as the publisher of The Business Resource (formerly known as Networks), a small business newspaper in San Diego County. In 1995, McGraw-Hill lured her away to the world of multimedia and Web publishing, and recognized Debra as the Author of the Year in Multimedia Development in 1996. Thus began Debra’s adventure in digital media development. She subsequently spent four years programming McGraw Hill’s vast collection of Websites. When McGraw Hill closed their Carlsbad office, Debra re-entered the entrepreneurial realm, developing and implementing Web 2.0 Internet marketing strategies for the small business community. Debra's been podcasting North San Diego Business since November 2008, interviewing small business owners in North San Diego County. She also consults, sets up and produces podcasts for other small businesses.

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