Are You Using Twitter in Your Business?

I was at a networking event this morning where we were treated to a two minute networking pitch, for seven minutes. This networking “guru” actually said that Twitter was a lot of fun, but not a tool for business. Of course, this same networking “guru” couldn’t remember my name, even though I’ve been around for a number of years.

Anyway, this is an article I want you to read about how large companies are using Twitter in many, meaningful ways for their business success.

Let me take a minute, though, to share with you how not to use Twitter. Twitter is a conversational tool. I use it for research, I learn about new tools from Twitter, and I use it to develop meaningful relationships.

Networking, whether at a business networking event, or online is the same….it’s all about relationships. It’s not about blasting us with links to your site, bragging about yourself, auto direct messaging us with your promo stuff. It’s about taking time to talk to me, getting to know me, finding out what I do, helping me, developing a relationship with me.

It’s just like our guru this morning telling us to put our business card in books at the bookstore. That’s networking??? I think NOT. Learn the difference between marketing/promotion and networking, developing relationships and speak of them accordingly.

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Debra Simpson began her career in publishing in 1990 as the publisher of The Business Resource (formerly known as Networks), a small business newspaper in San Diego County. In 1995, McGraw-Hill lured her away to the world of multimedia and Web publishing, and recognized Debra as the Author of the Year in Multimedia Development in 1996. Thus began Debra’s adventure in digital media development. She subsequently spent four years programming McGraw Hill’s vast collection of Websites. When McGraw Hill closed their Carlsbad office, Debra re-entered the entrepreneurial realm, developing and implementing Web 2.0 Internet marketing strategies for the small business community. Debra's been podcasting North San Diego Business since November 2008, interviewing small business owners in North San Diego County. She also consults, sets up and produces podcasts for other small businesses.

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  1. Debra Simpson | March 9, 2009
  1. Debra,

    Great insight but, ouch! Anyway, I appreciate your sharing your knowledge about Twitter with me at the network event this morning, and in this article. I believe Twitter can be a very valuable tool for business. That is why so many people are using it. My only reservation is the lack of published information on how to use it. I suppose it is like every other “new” technology. We just need to dive in and get wet and we will eventually learn to swim.

  2. Debra Simpson says:


    There is a lot of information here at about using Twitter for business. It’s good to lurk around for awhile to get your feet wet. Be careful about those who claim to be experts, though.

    Check out their Twitter page and see how they behave on Twitter. So many see it as a hot tool that they can exploit for $$$$$. It takes time to learn about it, but if you hang out with me enough, you’ll learn the ropes.


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