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| November 3, 2008 | 1 Comment

Marketing Experiments recently conducted a case study on Web 2.0 strategies versus Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies. They built four different types of web sites. A WordPress blog, a custom PHP site, and two  Moveable Type blogs.

They began by hiring some one to blog content for them at $10/hour and developed a Google Adwords program to drive targeted traffic to the sites.

After 12 months they determined from their results that the social networking/blogging strategy yielded them more than 93,000 visits and cost them $3,600 in salary costs.

Their Google Adwords strategy which yielded 2,047 visitors after spending $1,250. Their cost per visit with social media was 4 cents per visit, Google’s Adwords cost them 61 cents per visit. They determined that their overall return on their investment for social media optimization was a staggering 1,427%.

Depending upon your budget and time resources, social media marketing can drive targeted traffic to your web site.

What are your thoughts? Have you used Google Adwords? Are you participating in social media to gain more visibility and establish trust with your site visitors? Feel free to share by commenting.Technorati Tags:

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Debra Simpson began her career in publishing in 1990 as the publisher of The Business Resource (formerly known as Networks), a small business newspaper in San Diego County. In 1995, McGraw-Hill lured her away to the world of multimedia and Web publishing, and recognized Debra as the Author of the Year in Multimedia Development in 1996. Thus began Debra’s adventure in digital media development. She subsequently spent four years programming McGraw Hill’s vast collection of Websites. When McGraw Hill closed their Carlsbad office, Debra re-entered the entrepreneurial realm, developing and implementing Web 2.0 Internet marketing strategies for the small business community. Debra's been podcasting North San Diego Business since November 2008, interviewing small business owners in North San Diego County. She also consults, sets up and produces podcasts for other small businesses.

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  1. Rob Taylor says:

    After a quick read of the article I think it misses a HUGE point.

    Traffic != ROI. While the article mentions ROI, it fails to provide specific conversion data or other metric like bounce rate to show the quality of traffic the two methods produce.

    ROI can not be calculated without conversion data. Just measuring the cost per visit does not show ROI. What did the visitors do when they got to the site?

    We need to know the goals for each of the sites and the conversion data from each source of traffic. It is very possible that lower amounts of traffic with higher conversion rates can provide better ROI.

    While they devoted quite a bit of time discussing their social media strategies, information on how the PPC ad campaigns were run is a little lacking. Did they do split testing? Did they use broad match for keywords? Did they target longer tail terms or the most obvious, competitive terms. All of these things affect the success of a PPC campaign.

    I am not sure that a corectly managed PPC campaign is “a much easier and quicker form of advertising.”

    I think both methods are viable. We use both. I love the idea of comparing the two in a meaningful way. I just wish there were a few more details to make this comparison more useful.

    Thanks for the post Debra!

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