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Show Notes: April 12, 2013

I attended the Social Media Marketing World conference and wanted to share some of the tips I learned over the two days. I’ll be bring more tips to you over the next few weeks.

In this episode I’ll share some tips on Facebook, LinkedIn and Lead Generation using Landing Pages as a way to pull your prospects off your social media sites and into your marketing funnel.

Show Notes


  1. Track your timing and frequency using a simple spreadsheet – look at the date and time you posted and the reach it got – use the speadsheet to give you an idea of the ideal time to post so you’ll get the greatest reach
  2. Test targeting your audience – when you post you can target the gender, relationship status, education, interests, age, location and language – see what audience resonates with your shares
  3. Switch up your content type – text (long versus short), photos, videos, polls. ?s, milestones, events and offers
  4. Use calls to actions – ask them to share the post every once in awhile keeping them on FB – or to sign up for your email list, or rsvp to an event – taking them off FB
  5. Tag fans in your posts that may be relevant to them


  1. Build your influence at linkedin by helping someone solve a problem, get smarter or achieve more
  2. Complete every section possible – help LinkedIn be smarter about you
  3. Update or improve your profile regularly, don’t just industry jargon, use keywords when adding your skills and expertise
  4. Make a company page and add graphics and video to the page. In your product/services section use calls to action
  5. Share relevant content at least once a day
  6. Create a compelling banner for your page
  7. Ask for product or service recommendations
  8. Make relevant and targeted connections, but don’t limit your connections – join groups in your industry or your ideal client industry
  9. Follow and connect with industry influencers and follow relevant companies to find connections.
  10. Invite connections to your website or into your email database.
  11. Be the go to resource in your industry – leverage LinkedIn Today, be consistent to be memorable, engage.

Lead Generation

  1. Create landing pages for specific tasks – cutting edge café, learn from deb
  2. Send them to a call to action or a form to be filled out
  3. Call to action at the end of each blog post
  4. Use images – they generate 53% more likes that a text post
  5. Images on Facebook use the image description as a call to action
  6. Showcase visual content on your Pinterest page – check out HubSpots Pinterest page and their helpful ebooks
  7. Visuals increase shares
  8. Use Promoted posts on Facebook
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