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Show Notes: July 16, 2010

Rick Itzkowich, Linkedin For Dummies, is the co-founder and Vice President of Productive Learning & Leisure. PL&L is an organization that offers unique courses, learning adventures and products that promote self-development and enhance people’s success in both their business and personal life. As a small business owner himself, Rick understands the cost of marketing. Over his 20 years in the industry, he has identified and designed highly successful online and offline strategies to cost-effectively market a business’ products and services.

As the creator of the 15-video tutorial LinkedIn Power Success Program, Rick has created live presentations and products that meet today’s demand for tools to use with social media. His marketing articles, podcasts and blog messages regarding how to add LinkedIn to a company’s marketing plan, as well as his QuoteActions or web-based quotes and actions to keep your brand “top of mind” are in high demand. The LinkedIn Power Success Program video series and eBook, Social Networking for Business Profits, educate the solopreneur and small business owner in powerful referral marketing strategies. Most recently Rick was a presenter at You Learn Twit Face, an international social media conference held in Dubai. Rick is also a featured columnist for The National Networker (TNNW). His column is titled — Being There When It Matters.

The second half of the show is dedicated to answering your questions about Linkedin and using it to grow your business. I’ll be interviewing Joe Binning, Medcor, about his Linkedin strategies and the success he’s found on Linkedin. He’s a real business owner finding success with social media.

Send your question to debra(at)northsandiegobusiness(dot)com.

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Debra Simpson began her career in publishing in 1990 as the publisher of The Business Resource (formerly known as Networks), a small business newspaper in San Diego County. In 1995, McGraw-Hill lured her away to the world of multimedia and Web publishing, and recognized Debra as the Author of the Year in Multimedia Development in 1996. Thus began Debra’s adventure in digital media development. She subsequently spent four years programming McGraw Hill’s vast collection of Websites. When McGraw Hill closed their Carlsbad office, Debra re-entered the entrepreneurial realm, developing and implementing Web 2.0 Internet marketing strategies for the small business community. Debra's been podcasting North San Diego Business since November 2008, interviewing small business owners in North San Diego County. She also consults, sets up and produces podcasts for other small businesses.

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