Delilah Panio, Founder & Chief Dasher of Stiletto Dash

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Show Notes: January 31, 2014

Listen in to this exciting and informative interview with Delilah Panio, Founder and Chief Dasher of Stiletto Dash.

Stiletto Dash is the premier one-stop shop for women business travelers. Stiletto Dash curates content products, and travel essentials that enhance and enable the traveler to be savvy and healthy will on the road. Delilah was a former corporate warrior whose travels began to affect her health and well being. Stiletto Dash has allowed her to continue to travel the world – 30 countries and counting, but with a much easier and healthier approach to todays’ travel complications. Stiletto Dash is also a socially conscience business giving back to the community of young women with travel opportunities to inspire life without boundaries.

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