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North San Diego Business @ Large

North San Diego Business At Large
Show Notes: December 5, 2008

On Friday, December 5th at 3pm Pacific Time, I’ll be discussing with Roger Lane how to manage your thoughts during the coming months. This is actually a great time to leverage your business. Being visible is one of the best marketing strategies, but not the only one.

Roger will be sharing ideas on how to manage our thoughts so we can close more sales and achieve the goals we’ve created for our businesses. Join me by clicking the Blog Talk radio button. Just tap listen now, or call in and join the conversation. You can ask Roger any question about creating your ideal business year, and you’ll be part of the archived recording. What a great way to add to your online visibility!

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It’s a small world. Roger and I have know each other for years, but drifted apart when he moved to Hawaii. It was over the Internet that we found each other after all these years. Here in North San Diego County he held The Finance Course, helping business owners create their ideal business. Let me share a little more information on Roger.

Debra Simpson Interviews Roger LaneRoger Lane is President of Roger Lane Inc, a learning organization that provides the skills, tools, and processes that enable individuals and organizations to experience significant, sustained and measurable improvements in performance, productivity, profits, and a sense of accomplishment.

Roger Lane is a professional trainer and consultant engaged in the training and development of various programs to increase the productivity and effectiveness of companies and their staff. The company has offered these services since 1978 and has over 7,000 clients.

According to Lane, “Business is like a sporting game, except no one has to lose. In business, everyone can win: customers, owners and staff.” He explains, “In games, as well as business, we sometimes meet obstacles that keep us stuck. Until we get some coaching, most of us think it is normal to be stuck or just surviving, or average.”

For Lane, being a business owner began in the second grade selling newspapers. His love for business grew and his curiosity kept him testing businesses and business principles throughout his life. He owned and managed a variety of businesses ranging from the first Apple Computer store in Hawaii, to a chain of beauty salons, to a national educational program. He coached the development of Paul Mitchell Hair Products and developed The Finance Course a nationally renowned personal and business finance program.

He currently lives in Hana, Hawaii.

Don’t miss this chance to jumpstart your 2009 with Roger Lane. Join me December 5th, 3pm Pacific Time at North San Diego Business At Large Online Radio show.

What kind of shows would you like to see North San Diego Business At Large host in the future. Let me know by commenting!

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  1. Diana Long says:

    Hi Debra,

    Just wanted to let you know I “stopped” by. I love all the valuable content you are offering! I will be in your neck of the woods, I’ll be visiting sunny San Diego at the end of January.

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